We are located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Our house sits nestled in the corner of 102 acres. We have alot of room for our dogues to roam and play. We have always had large breed dogs in our household. At the time of the passing of our Alaskan Malamute "Blue" we decided to get another dog and we started to research other breeds. We came across the Dogue de Bordeaux. During our research we read that the Dogue is gifted for guarding, which it assumes with vigilance and great courage but without aggressiveness. A good companion, very attached to its master and very affectionate. Calm and balanced with a high stimulus threshold. This was exactly what we were looking for considering we like to have a dog that is protective but not agressive and that is usually quite good, and very patient. They tend to be very devoted & gentle. They make excellent companions and are very tolerant of the occasional antics of children. They also get along with other animals quite well if you get your DDB as a pup & raise it with your other animals. With these type of qualifications we knew that the Dogue de Bordeaux was the breed for us.

Here at Cornerstone we are dedicated to breeding the Dogue de Bordeaux with original type and temperment while at the same time improving health. We are first and foremost concerned with producing great healthy family companions. After all, no matter if your dogue is purchased as a show dog, a breeding dog or a pet, it is part of your family first. We have done extensive research to find lines that have, what we believe to be, the best health and longevity in the breed. Our breeding dogues come from lines that have great health, longevity, athleticism and conformation. Please feel free to use our Contact Us page if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for visiting our website!!