Big House's Kalos Kai Agathos at Cornerstone

       Andie is a great example of an "old school" type Dogue de Bordeaux. She definitely fits right into our goal at Cornerstone of preserving original type. She is what you would call Isabella colored. We get many compliments on her color but we also get many who are confused about her color. The breed standard states, "Self-coloured, in all shades of fawn, from mahogany to Isabella." The Isabella color is just as much in standard as the "red" color that many dogues have.

      The following was written in Modern Molosser  - January 2011 magazine by the world renowned breed specialist judge Bas Bosch about Andie's sire (Big House's Diablo) who had just won Best of Winners: "....And what about his color? Color? Very much according to the standard, with an extra hidden message from the judge: How wrong this trend is for 'the deeper the red, the better.' I am sure plenty of good dogue studs are not used because they are not deep, deep red......It might be a good thing when you are a breeder of red canaries, but for dogs - according to the good old English school again - and it applies to Dogues: A good dog cannot have a bad color."

  3 Years Old






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